The following list gives you a brief overview in my interests and work.

  • microwf: A finite state machine with workflow character where you define your workflows in code.
  • microcron: A simple crontab library that calculates dates based on a cron expression.
  • microbus: A simple interface for implementing the Pub/Sub pattern.
  • docson: An integration event message type documentation service.
  • blader: Playground for azure portal like blade controls made with angular.
  • formdef: Generating dynamic forms with angular based on a form definition and a raw viewmodel.
  • Micro JobQueue: A job queue for random and scheduled jobs. Might be hangfire’s little sister.
  • My Expenses: Android and HTML5 offline App for managing our family budget.
  • Contact Manager: Android and HTML5 offline App for managing our friends and relatives contacts with addresses.
  • CSLA: A great framework that I heavily invested in learning and used for a bigger .NET based rich client application named EduPol, a planning tool for the Swiss Police Academy in the eastern part of Switzerland.

Unfortunately, not all the source code is yet available on GitHub.

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